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Language: Nepali
Poet: Shrawan Mukarung
Translator: Haris Adhikari


what they call me

A poem by Shrawan Mukarung translated by Haris Adhikari

Shrawan Mukarung (June 8, 1968–) is a well-established, popular name in contemporary Nepali poetry. He has authored eight books so far: three of poetry and two of songs and lyrical poems. His other works include Yalambar, a work of drama, and two books of essays and articles. Bise Nagarchiko Bayan (2011) is his most popular poetry collection. The present poem, “Wild Flower,” is from the same anthology. The poet has received numerous prestigious awards and prizes for his contributions to Nepali literature, and is still active in writing.
Haris Adhikari, a Nepali poet and editor, is a visiting faculty member at Kathmandu University, Nepal. He has authored one poetry collection, Flowing with a River (2012), and is currently working on two more books of poetry and one of translation. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in London Grip New PoetryRed Fez JournalBuddhist Poetry ReviewCyclamens and Swords PublishingThe Rusty NailMad SwirlRed Box KiteOf Nepalese ClayThe Kathmandu PostThe Enchanting Verses Literary Review, Lyrical Passion PoetryEssence Poetry, and Yes, Poetry.

जङ्गली फूल

या नगरतिर
जङ्गली फूल भन्छन्
तर जङ्गलमै त
मेरो नाम अर्कै छ ।

Wild Flower

In villages,
or towns,
what they call me is—
wild flower;
but I
do have a different name
in the jungle.