You are currently viewing the golden age of poetry harmony and freedom
Francis Alÿs, Paralelas, 1994

Language: Russian 
Poet: Dmitry Strotsev
Translator: Ian Probstein


the golden age of poetry harmony and freedom

Two poems by Dmitry Strotsev translated by Ian Probstein

Dmitry Strotsev (b. 1963), an architect by education, is a poet, a bard, a critic, and a publisher. He lives in Minsk, Belarus. He is the editor of the almanac Minsk School and of the publishing house Novyie Mekhi (New Windbags). He is also an organizer of the poetry festivals Time and Place (Minsk 1995, 1996) and co-curator of the festival of Voice Poetry (Moscow 2005–2013). Winner of the Russian Prize (2008), Dmitry Strotsev is the author of eight books of poetry and numerous publications in major periodicals. His books were shortlisted for the Andrei Bely Prize (2009), Moscow Count (2010, 2013), and the International Voloshin Prize (2010). Dmitry Strotsev is a member of Belorussian PEN and the Writer’s Union of Belarus. His poems have been translated into English, Swedish, French, Italian, Hebrew, Georgian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian.

Ian Probstein is full professor of English at Touro College. He has published twelve books of poetry, and translated more than a dozen poetry volumes, and has compiled and edited more than thirty books and anthologies of poetry in translation. His translations of Osip Mandelstam into English were chosen as a runner–up to The Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation & Multi-Lingual Texts (2016) while his translations of Ezra Pound’s Cantos were shortlisted for the Russian Guild of Translators Master Award. His most recent book in English is The River of Time: Time-Space, Language and History in Avant-Garde, Modernist, and Contemporary Poetry. Boston: Academic Studies Press, 2017. He has also published an annotated edition of T. S. Eliot’s Poetry and Plays (SPb: Azbuka, 2019) and a translation of Charles Bernstein’s Sign Under Test. Poems and Selected Essays (M.: Russian Gulliver, 2020).

Колонка редактора​

дмитрий строцев
редактор газеты
голая правда
на своей коже
юбилейный выпуск издания
за 12 апреля
текущего года

проект осуществлён
с соблюдением параметров
спуска полос
по телу

уникальный экземпляр голой
уже демонстрировался
на форуме сми
срез времени

строцев рассчитывает
что памятник боди-арта
переживёт своего создателя
что после смерти
из него изготовят чучело
которое установят
на вечное обозрение
в музее газеты
или в кабинете
будущего редактора
голой правды

Editor’s Column

Dmitry Strotsev
newspaper editor
of The Naked Truth
on his own skin
the anniversary issue of the periodical
for April 12
of the current year

the project is realized
following all the parameters
the imposition of a type range
the information
is evenly
along Dmitry’s

The unique copy of naked
truth was already exposed
at the media forum
the cut of time

Strotsev hopes
that the body-art monument
will survive its creator
and after death
they will make
a stuffed body of him
that will be exhibited forever
in the newspaper museum
or in the future editor’s office
of the naked truth

* * *

как всякий человек
хочет проспать
весь этот ужас

нечаянно для себя
ускользает в сон
гефсиманский апостольский
в сон
семи отроков эфесских
а пробуждается
в золотом веке
поэзии гармонии и свободы
на этапе в ГУЛаг

* * *

a poet
like anyone else
wants to sleep over
all this horror

unexpectedly even for himself
slips off into a dream
of gethsemane of the apostles
into a dream of the seven
and wakes up
in the golden age
of poetry harmony and freedom
or on his way
under escort
to the GULAG