You are currently viewing poured out to the world  and suddenly her mother refuses to forgive

Language: Hebrew
Poet: Ronny Someck
Translator: Robert Manaster and Hana Inbar


poured out to the world and suddenly her mother refuses to forgive

A poem by Ronny Someck translated by Robert Manaster and Hana Inbar. Forthcoming soon in The Milk Underground

Ronny Someck has published eleven volumes of poetry. He has been translated into forty-one languages. He is recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award, the Yehuda Amichai Award for Hebrew poetry, the “Wine Poem Award” in Struga Poetry Evenings (Macedonia, 2005), and the Hans Berghuis Prize for poetry in the Maastricht International Poetry Nights 2006. Someck’s The Milk Underground, translated by Hana Inbar and Robert Manaster, won the Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation and is forthcoming soon from White Pine Press. Poems from the collection have appeared in various journals including Virginia Quarterly Review, Zoland Poetry, The Dirty Goat, Image: A journal of the Arts and Religion, and Hayden’s Ferry Review.
Robert Manaster has published poetry in various journals including Many Mountains MovingInternational Poetry ReviewImage: A Journal of the Arts and Religion and The Literary Review.
Hana Inbar is a native Israeli and the daughter of Yossl Birstein, a noted Israeli writer. She and Robert have also co-translated a book of Yossel’s flash fiction stories, And So is the Bus, Jerusalem Stories to appear in early 2016.


On the label of N.’s body, the vintage year is written:
17 years she’s been poured out to the world
And suddenly her mother refuses to forgive.
“Her hole got opened,” she says, “her mind got closed.”
N.’s glassy eyes are shining with tears.
At nights, she crosses her dance-weary legs
While she sits on bar stools, watching
How the French cork flies from the champagne mouth,
How the Mexican is worn like a sombrero over the tequila’s head
And the German with the sharpened teeth is biting the beer’s neck.
“Mom, come see,” she wants to cry and imagines instantly
The answer: “This is not just a cork, this virginity.
This is your dowry.”

N. returns home and sets her dance shoes down
Near the bed like two kisses upon the floor’s cheek.


עַל  תָּוִית  גּוּפָה  שֶׁל  נ‘  רְשׁוּמָה  שְׁנַת  הַיִּצּוּר:
17 שָׁנִים  הִיא  שְׁפוּכָה  בָּעוֹלָם
וּפִתְאוֹם  אִמָּא  שֶׁלָּהּ  מְסָרֶבֶת  לִסְלֹחַ.
נִפְתַּח  לָהּ  הַחֹר“, הִיא  אוֹמֶרֶת, “נִסְגַּר  לָהּ  הַמֹּחַ“.
עֵינֵי  הַזְּכוּכִית  שֶׁל  נ‘  מַבְרִיקוֹת  מִדְּמָעוֹת,
בַּלֵּילוֹת  הִיא  מַצְלִיבָה  עַל  כִּסְּאוֹת  בָּרִים 
רַגְלַיִם  שְׁבוּרוֹת  מֵרִקּוּדרוֹאָה
אֵיךְ  הַפְּקָק  הַצָּרְפָתִי  מִתְעוֹפֵף  מִפִּי  הַשַּׁמְפַּנְיָה,
אֵיךְ  הַמֶּקְסִיקָנִי  חָבוּשׁ  כְּסוֹמְבְּרֶרוֹ  עַל  רֹאשׁ  הַטָּקִילָה
וְהַגֶּרְמָנִי  מְחֻדַּד  הַשִּׁנַּיִם  נוֹגֵס  אֶת  צַוַּאר  הַבִּירָה.
אִמָּאבּוֹאִי  תִּרְאִיהִיא  רוֹצָה  לִצְעֹק  וּמְדַמְיֶנֶת  מִיָּד
אֶת  הַתְּשׁוּבָה: “זֶה  לֹא  סְתָם  פְּקָקהַבְּתוּלִים  הָאֵלֶּה,
זֶה  הַנְּדוּנְיָה  שֶׁלָּךְ“.

נ‘  חוֹזֶרֶת  הַבַּיְתָה  וּמַנִּיחָה  אֶת  נַעֲלֵי  הָרִקּוּד 
לְיַד  הַמִּטָּה  כְּמוֹ  שְׁתֵּי  נְשִׁיקוֹת  עַל  לְחִי  הָרִצְפָּה.