Two poems by Zhawen Shali, translated by Arash Saleh and Holly Mason Badra

A poem by Osip Mandelstam from The Voronezh Notebooks, translated by John High and Matvei Yankelevich


A poem by Osip Mandelstam from The Voronezh Notebooks, translated by John High and Matvei Yankelevich

Two poems by Verónica Zondek, translated by Katherine Silver

A poem by Serhiy Zhadan, translated by John Hennessy and Ostap Kin.

A poem by Jan Skácel, translated from Czech by Daniela Kukrechtová.

A poem by Serhiy Zhadan, translated from Ukrainian by Valzhyna Mort.

Three poems by Liana Sakelliou, translated from Greek by Don Schofield

Six poems by Angélica Tornero, translated from Spanish by Krista Ingebretson

Five poems by Souad Labbize, translated from French by Susanna Lang

A poem by Ali Babachahi, translated from Farsi by Marjan Modarres Sabzevari

A poem by Arthur Rimbaud, translated from French by Wyatt Mason

A poem by Julia Wong Kcomt, translated from Spanish by Jennifer Shyue.

A poem by vito m. bonito, translated from Italian by Allison Grimaldi Donahue

Poems by Paul Celan, translated from German by Pierre Joris

Six poems from Franco Loi’s Secundum Lüna, translated from Milanese by Guiliana Chamedes

A poem by Francisco de Quevedo, translated from Spanish by Pamela Greenberg

Three poems by Ma Yan, translated from Chinese by Stephen Nashef

A poem by Tove Ditlevsen, translated from Danish by Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg

Two poems by Humberto Ak’abal, written in both Maya Ki’ché and Spanish, translated by John Oliver Simon

Six poems by Waly Salomão, translated from Portuguese by Maryam Monalisa Gharavi

A poem by Polina Barskova, translated from Russian by Valzhyna Mort

Three poems by Martin Westman, translated from Swedish by Hildred Crill

Three poems by Yang Xiaobin, translated from Chinese by Canaan Morse

A poem by Aleksey Porvin, translated from Russian by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

Two poems by Afrizal Malna, translated from Indonesian by Daniel Owen

Two poems by Sister Claudia Lee Hae-in, translated from Korean by Esther Kim and Paige Aniyah Morris

A poem by Natalia Ginzburg, translated from Italian by André Naffis-Sahely

A poem by María Lucesole, translated from Spanish by Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman

Two poems by Vladimir Gandelsman, translated from Russian by Olga Livshin and Andrew Janco

A poem by Nabaneeta Dev Sen, translated from Bengali by Nandana Dev Sen

A poem by Knud Sørensen, translated from Danish by Michael Favala Goldman

Four poems by Roman Osminkin, translated from Russian by Helena Kernan

Two poems by Evgenia Rits, translated from Russian by Mark Wingrave

Three poems by Adalber Salas Hernández, translated from Spanish by Robin Myers

Three poems by Stanislava Mogileva, translated from Russian by Josephine von Zitzewitz

A poem by Liliya Gazizova, translated from Russian by Nina Kossman

Two poems by Dmitry Strotsev, translated from Russian by Ian Probstein

Five poems by Evgeny Stepanov, translated from Russian by Anna Halberstadt

Six poems by German Lukomnikov, translated from Russian by Ainsley Morse

A poem by Genrikh Sapgir, translated from Russian by J. Kates

A poem by Andrey Filimonov, translated from Russian by Anton Yakovlev

Two Poems by Oriette D’Angelo, translated from Spanish by Lupita Eyde-Tucker

Two Poems by Mihret Kebede, translated from Amharic by Eric Ellingsen, Jorga Mesfin, and Uljana Wolf

Dragon (Drache) by Anselm Kiefer

Five poems from Chocar con algo [Crashing Into Things] by Erika Martínez, translated from Spanish by Lucina Schell

A poem by Chung Kwok Keung translated by May Huang

Four poems by Sohrab Sepehri translated by Patrick Sykes

Four poems by Kim Sowohl translated by Sekyo Nam Haines

Two poems by Judita Vaičiūnaitė translated by Rimas Uzgiris

A poem by Dionisio Cañas translated by Orlando Hernández

Three poems by Joachim Sartorius translated by Pauline Fan

Two poems by Osip Mandelstam translated by Alistair Noon

A poem by Hugo Ball in a false translation by Melissa Grey & David Morneau

Two poems by Guido Cupani translated by Patrick Williamson

Two poems by Raoul Ponchon translated by Mark Lager

Four poems by Alain Lance translated by Erika Luckert

Two poems by Dag T. Straumsvåg translated from Norwegian by Robert Hedin

Three poems by Edwin Madrid translated by Julia Velasco

Two poems by Max Jacob translated by Sophia Lecker

Two poems by Olja Savičević Ivančević translated by Andrea Jurjević

Two poems by Gili Haimovich translated by Dara Barnat

Two poems by Kim Yi-deum translated by Jake Levine and Soeun Seo

A translation from the Patanjala Yoga Sutrani by Kanya Kanchana

Two poems by Florbela Espanca translated by Kay Cosgrove

A poem by Maxim Amelin translated from Russian by Derek Mong and Anne O. Fisher

A poem by Shrawan Mukarung translated from Nepali by Haris Adhikari

Four poems by Gemma Gorga translated from Catalan by Sharon Dolin

Two poems by N. B. Minkov translated from Yiddish by Jordan Finkin

Three poems by James Noël translated by Patricia Hartland

Two Hindi poems by Geet Chaturvedi translated by Anita Gopalan

Two poems by Amanda Reverón translated from Spanish by Don Cellini

Two poems by Allan Popa translated from Filipino by Mabi David and the author

Two excerpts from “Too Clever by Half” by Alexander Griboyedov translated by Betsy Hulick.

Two Old English poems from The Exeter Book translated by Elijah John Petzold

Two poems by Bragi Ólafsson translated from Icelandic by K. T. Billey

Four poems by Georg Trakl, translated from German by Jay Hopler

Ten late poems of Du Fu translated by George Life

Three poems by Idea Vilariño, translated from Spanish by Jesse Lee Kercheval

Four poems by Kepa Murua translated from the Spanish by Sandra Kingery

Five poems by Carlos Pintado translated and introduced by Hilary Vaughn Dobel

Four poems by José Alfredo Escobar Martínez, translated by Wendy Call

Three poems by Liu Xia, translated from Chinese by Ming Di and Jennifer Stern

Three poems by Luis Chaves, translated and introduced by Julia Guez and Samantha Zighelboim

Five poems by Berta Dávila translated from Galician by Neil D. Anderson

A poem by Ronny Someck translated by Robert Manaster and Hana Inbar. Forthcoming soon in The Milk Underground

Three poems by Umberto Saba translated from Italian by Paula Bohince

Five poems by Meta Kušar translated from Slovenian by Ana Jelnikar & Barbara Siegel Carlson

A poem by Mesándel Virtusio Arguelles translated from Filipino by Kristine Ong Muslim

Two poems by Zhu Zhu, translated from Chinese by Dong Li

Two poems by Juan Carlos Mestre translated by Patrick Marion Bradley

Two poems by Hugo Gola translated from Spanish by Hugo García Manríquez

Three sections of Peretz Markish’s The Forty-Year-Old Man, translated from Yiddish by Rose Waldman

set brush, mirror,salt shaker, scissors

Two poems by Ya Shi translated from Chinese by Nick Admussen

A poem by Bissan Abu Khaled translated from Arabic by Francesca Bell and Noor Nader Al Abed

“A Single Woman’s Room” by Yi Lei, translated from the Chinese by Changtai Bi and Tracy K. Smith

Three poems by Radek Fridrich translated from the Czech and with an introduction by Jonathan Bolton

Two poems from The Country of Planks / El País de Tablas by Raúl Zurita, translated by Daniel Borzutzky. Available now from Action Books

Three poems by Pilar Fraile Amador, translated from the Spanish by Lizzie Davis

Two poems by Ma Lan translated from Chinese by Charles A. Laughlin

Five poems by Amanda Aizpuriete translated from Latvian by Inara Cedrins

Five poems by Angélica Freitas, translated from the Portuguese by Hilary Kaplan

A poem by Sarah Kernya translated and with an introduction by Virginia Konchan

Three poems by Macario Matus translated from Zapotec into Spanish by the author, with English translations and an introduction by Wendy Call

A poem by Pierre Chappuis, translated from French by Tim Keane and Myriam Moraz

Four poems by Dmitri Prigov translated from Russian by Matvei Yankelevich

Two poems by Melcion Mateu, translated from the Catalan by Rowan Ricardo Phillips, along with a musical composition by Alexis Cuadrado

Two poems by the 16th century French poet Pierre de Ronsard, translated by Diane Furtney

Five poems by Alejandra Pizarnik, translated by Yvette Siegert

A new translation of Bertolt Brecht’s “1940,” by J.D. Knight

Three poems by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, translated and with a note by Edith Grossman

An excerpt from Valerie Mejer’s “Countryless,” translated by Torin Jensen

Four poems by Behçet Necatigil, translated from Turkish by Chuck Sebian-Lander

Five poems by Christoph Meckel, translated by Roy Scheele

Two poems by Wang Xiaoni, translated from the Chinese by Eleanor Goodman

Two poems by Kim Kyung Ju, translated by Jake Levine and Jung Hi-Yeon

Three poems by Juan Antonio González-Iglesias translated by Curtis Bauer

Three poems by Perundevi, translated by N Kalyan Raman

Six poems by Francesca Pellegrino, translated from the Italian by Adria Bernardi

Five poems from Luis García Montero’s Diary of an Accomplice, translated by Alice McAdams

Two poems by Lucie Thésée, translated by Robert Archambeau and Jean-Luc Garneau

Four poems by Ghalib translated by M. Shahid Alam

Two new translations by Micah McCrary from Rainer Maria Rilke’s The Roses


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“Excellent language, excellent” We celebrated the launch of this website on Friday, May 18th, 2012, …

New York’s Russian Bookstore #21, located on the second floor of an unassuming office building, at the end of a flight of drab stairs, was the venue for a Russian-language reading and talk by poet, editor, critic, and translator Dmitry Kuzmin on April 18, 2012…

On Hans Favery’s Chrysanthemums, Rowers, tr. by Francis R. Jones and Lela Favery

A celebration of poet Nicanor Parra's centennial

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Welcome to the second episode of Circumference Radio.

In this episode, Montana Ray speaks with Mónica de la Torre about her new book Repetition Nineteen (Nightboat Books, 2020).

In this episode, Montana Ray interviews historian, theorist, and translator Lawrence Venuti

n this episode Montana Ray interviews Jennifer Hayashida, poet-translator and Director of Asian American Studies at Hunter College.

In this interview Montana Ray talks with poet, translator, and scholar Jennifer Scappettone about her translations and research on the Italian poet Amelia Rosselli.

In this episode, Montana Ray speaks with poet-translator-scholar Odi Gonzales about growing up in Peru with two mother tongues.

In this episode Montana Ray speaks with Yusef Komunyakaa, Goutam Datta, and Subodh Sarkar about exchanges between US and Bengali poets

In this series Montana Ray talks with translators about their process and poetics. Ray will explore and challenge our understanding of the craft and its role in contemporary literature.

In this series Montana Ray talks with translators about their process and poetics. Ray will explore and challenge our understanding of the craft and its role in contemporary literature.

In this series Montana Ray talks with translators about their process and poetics. Ray will explore and challenge our understanding of the craft and its role in contemporary literature.